Professional Internship

Tennessee Repertory Theatre's 2014-2015 Professional Theatre Internship Program

We are no longer taking applications for our 2014-15 Professional Internships. Learn more about our Student Internship program here.

Tennessee Repertory Theatre’s Internship Program is designed to offer hands-on professional experience to students, graduates, and early career professionals who are pursuing a career in theatre. Interns are offered the opportunity to gain practical knowledge while working with experienced professionals in theatre arts and administration. We strive to offer a program that helps each intern accomplish steps towards their career goals, while also allowing them to observe and experience the general day-to-day workings of a professional regional theatre.

Please click on the departmental job title to reveal their descriptions and use the form below to apply. Please include your resume and three references when you submit your application. If you have any questions please email our Production Manager Cecilia Lighthall at

Scenic Production Intern

The duties of the scenic production intern are comparable to that of a typical theatrical carpenter. Applicant will broaden their knowledge in scenic construction, while participating running of a professional scene shop. The scenic intern will report directly to the Technical Director, but will be assisting both the Technical Director and the Head of Design in scenic construction. During the season the goal is to strive for the highest quality of professionalism with speed, accuracy, and safety while constructing and completing each set.

Internship Duties

  • Scenic construction.
  • Basic painting.
  • Help maintain scene shop.
  • Participate in Load-in/load-out of set.
  • May be asked to work on run crew.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Internship Requirements

  • A strong will to learn.
  • Strong deductive reasoning/problem solving skills.
  • A basic familiarity with tools.
  • A basic knowledge of theatrical construction and techniques.
  • Ability to lift/move scenic supplies and set pieces of a minimum of 75lbs (approx. weight of 4x8 sheet of ¾” Ply).
  • Must be able to work in a cooperative team environment, while staying self-motivated.

Props/Scenic Painter Intern

This intern will gain professional experience in a properties shop primarily fulfilling the duties of a props assistant. This will include assisting the Properties Master/Rentals Manager in providing each production with all of its props needs and with pulling and restocking props rentals. Additionally, the intern will fulfill any scenic painting needs for both scenery and props, as assigned.

Internship Duties

  • Props construction and/ or painting.
  • Props purchasing/borrowing/renting/pulling.
  • Assisting the Properties Master in set dressing.
  • Technical run crew, as needed.
  • Prop shop and prop storage maintenance.
  • Participate in Load-in/load-out of set.
  • Attending production meetings.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Internship Requirements

  • Must have some general scene shop experience.
  • Have knowledge of and be able to use basic scene painting techniques.
  • Have knowledge of and be able to use basic sewing skills.
  • Strong familiarity with tools.
  • Will be expected to lift and move heavy furniture or set pieces; should be able to lift at least 50lbs without assistance.
  • Should be able to work in a cooperative team environment, but also be self-motivated and able to complete independent projects by set deadlines.

Stage Management/Production Intern

This internship is designed for those interested in Stage Management and Production Management. Interns will have the opportunity to observe all aspects of the rehearsal process, and will contribute to the process as a member of the production staff as an assistant to the stage manager. Interns will work with an Equity stage manager, become familiar with Equity regulations, and observe the day to day duties of a professional Stage Manager. They will observe a professional director and actors at work, and attend production meetings. The Intern will also work with the Production Manager at times not in rehearsals or a show. This internship will be supervised by the Production Manager.

Internship Duties

  • Assisting stage manager and head run crew for all season productions.
  • Assisting the stage manager in preparation for rehearsals.
  • Assisting in production paperwork.
  • Organization and maintenance of rehearsal and performance props/costumes.
  • Working production tech week.
  • Assisting the director as needed.
  • Stage Managing the REPaloud stage reading series.
  • Stage Manage for some of the New Works Festival.
  • Research and general administrative tasks as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Internship Requirements

  • A basic understanding of theatre lines of communication.
  • A basic understanding of stage management tasks (i.e., blocking notes, line notes, cue calling).
  • Proficient in Microsoft office.
  • Professional demeanor, ability to stay calm, ability to lead run crew.

Costume Production Intern

Applicants need to demonstrate a serious pursuit of a professional career in costume design or technology through his or her education and work life to this point. Applicants should have experience running shows backstage as well as strong costume production skills, especially sewing. Applicants should demonstrate an excitement for learning and hard work. This is a difficult job but the learning possibilities are endless. All past Tennessee Rep Professional Costume Interns are currently working in their field. This Internship will be supervised by the Costume Designer and Assistant Costume Shop Manager.

Internship Duties and Requirements

  • Working backstage as costume crew for the entire run of each production.
  • Costume maintenance, including laundry and wig maintenance for each production.
  • Working load-in and strike for each production.
  • Working in the costume shop a minimum of 5 days a week, with overtime, nights and week-ends as needed.
  • Assisting in all aspects of costume construction, including sewing and craft work.
  • Wig, hair, and make up assistance.
  • Assisting with general clean-up, costume pulling and restocking for the costume rental program.
  • The ability to work hard and have fun at the same time.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Marketing and Social Media Intern

The Marketing Team at Tennessee Repertory Theatre encompasses all activities involving special events, education/outreach, marketing and sales, and publicity. The Marketing Intern in this department is a full-time position, although a part-time position might be considered, depending on the qualities and goals of the candidate. The primary focus of this internship is to work closely with the Marketing Director on the execution of the season’s marketing initiatives in a highly competitive arts community, and to assist with education and outreach programming. If full-time internship is offered, the intern will also have the opportunity to assist with special events and learn non-profit fundraising skills. Candidates must be highly organized and able to multi-task with excellent computer and writing skills required. Jobs in this department will be supervised by Marketing Director.

Internship Duties

    PRIMARY FOCUS - Marketing/Publicity

    • Assist Social Media/Marketing Coordinator in maintaining Tennessee Rep’s social networking sites.
    • Observe rehearsals and meetings with the artistic staff to develop ideas for effectively marketing productions on a modest budget.
    • Collect and archive materials.
    • Work closely with staff to develop new audiences.
    • Maintain and create promotional relationships with other non-profit organizations, colleges and universities, target audiences, restaurants, and media outlets.
    • Assist with press contacts, photo calls and video shoots.
    • Coordinate press mailings, prepare press releases and calendar announcements.
    • Other clerical and general duties as needed.

    SECONDARY FOCUS - Education/Outreach

    • Development and production of education/outreach activities and promotional events.
    • Assist with educational programming in high school and universities.
    • Help set-up and work outreach events.
    • Assist in developing educational material.


Tennessee Repertory Theatre’s 2013-2014 Season is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors.